Increasing your satisfaction


Our Objective

We work to improve quality and value by shortening the supply chain while improving food safety and product handling.


Our Commitment

Includes strengthening seafood sustainability through development and support of Comprehensive Fishery Improvement Projects and the principle of the marine stewardship counsel


In all fisheries in which we participate we focus upon ensuring fair and equitable pay as well as gender and cultural equality that supports resiliency for the broader fishing community


Hawaiian Select

We are based in the Hawaiian Islands, On Oaho. Our desire is to emmulate the Hawaiian cultural emphasis of respect and appreciation for the ocean and the life it supports.


Managing Director

  • Our Managing Director was honored by the Hawaii State Senate as the Employer of the year for our company's support for those in our community facing mental challenges.
  • As well, the conservation Alliance for sustainable seafood awarded our Managing Director for the Seafood Champion award for his effort in developing electronic traceability for wild fisheries.
  • Under Mr. Kraft's guidance, we have been instrumental in bringing several tuna fisheries into Marine Stewardship Counsel certification and several other fisheries into comprehensive fishery improvement projects.

Hawaiian Select Products

As part of our respect for the ocean's resources, we place extra emphasis upon proper handling, best practices and food safety so that all our products represent best in class.

  • Ahi Poke Cubes
  • Oh-ke Poke Shoyu Sauce
  • Deep Sea Snapper
  • Ahi Sashimi

Ahi Poke Cubes (Frozen)

New product

  • We carefuly select from each of our boats the best tuna for our poke cubes. We use the entire loin, rather than off cuts which are inferior. Flash frozen at extremely cold temperatures ensures we maintain the quality from the vessel to your table.

We process our fish by hand to ensure strong quality control and exceptional hygiene. Maintaining cold temperature control ensures food safety and freshness are maintained.

Our Proprietary electronics traceability system allows end to end tracking of each fish, from the vessel through to our customers. This allows us to claim full supply chain responsibility and integrity. We can assure our products come from responsible fishers and are processed socially responsible facilities complying with the highest standards of food safety.



Smoked Ahi 6 oz Bag

Hand cut, smoked in Hawaii.

Deep Sea Snapper Fish (Frozen)

Line caught, hand at portions, light and flakey.

Ahi Sashimi Steak (Frozen)

Consistent excellent quality from hand cut loins.

Spicy Poke Kit

Frozen cubes with our home made recipe poke sauces by Oki Lau

Ahi Poke Kit

Fresh and frozen poke kits.