Hawaiian Select

We are confident that your experience with Norpac will exceed your expectations and set the standard by which your customers will judge all other seafood products.

Norpac's service-oriented team delivers high value seafood. Norpac's experienced seafood professionals inspect each fish to ensure only quality raw materials are utilized.

Norpac Excellence

Norpac's core values incorporate "Best Practices" as they relate to our fishing, employment and corporate practices.

Our passion and dedication is what we term as supporting the "ARTS":

  • Accountable
  • Responsible
  • Traceable
  • Sustainable

We adhere to these values in our daily actions, within our products, with our employees and the environment.

We account for every fish we capture, and retain and utilize all that we capture, which are logged daily for tracing and reporting. From vessel to end user, our product is government regulated, and records are matched with fishing logs to certify accountability. This provides accurate data for fishery scientists and managers to incorporate into their management models and policies.